Joint Stock company "Trud" was founded in 1921. It has made a long and complicated way of formation for 89 years and at present time it is the leading enterprise in the Republic of Belarus producing work shoes and special-protective footwear for use in petroleum chemistry, metallurgy, building, forestry engineering and food industry, security services and other production branches. "Trud" monitors and measures product features; quality and safety compliance are confirmed by certification authorities. 

Quality management system is certificated and operated at the enterprise according to international standards ISO 9001 - 2009. 

Assortment and quality of footwear is formed at all stages of production line: during designing, production and decorating. Assortment improvement and improvement in the quality of production are achieved by using modern shoe materials, chemicalization and process automation, development engineering, by development of new styles and models according to market trends and customer requirements. Having modern testing laboratory, experienced designers and production engineers enterprise can quickly change and perfect models according to customer wishes. At present we can offer for our customers more than 200 models. 

Production of footwear with use of casting method of bonding on the casting machine "Lim" (Austria) is based on injection of polyurethane on the upper part of half-finished product. PRAGMA COMBI is the result of evolution of DUALIT and GOAL models that opened the way to the innovative casting methods. Such method guarantees construction wholeness of sole fastening, high strength and air tightness. Polyurethane sole is corroding medium resistant, antistatic, suppresses pressure by means of amortization characteristics, lightweight and attrition-resistant. 

Feedback is performed by means of technical regulatory legal act, certificate of conformance, sanitary certificates, samples of goods, carrying common days of quality, artistic and technical committee, selling exhibitions and etc.