Dear shareholders of JSC "Trud" 19 March 2015. the annual general meeting of shareholders of "Trud". The meeting will be held at Gomel, ul. Sovetskaya, d. 39 (assembly hall).

Agenda of the meeting:

1. On the results of financial and economic activity of the Company for 2014 and the main directions of development of the Company in 2015
2. Report of the Supervisory Board on the results of the work for 2014
3. Approval of the auditor's report and the conclusion of the Audit Commission.
4. Approval of the annual report, balance sheet, profit and loss statement and order of profit distribution for 2014. taking into account the opinions of the Audit Commission and the auditor's report.
5. Approval of the main directions of the Company's profit distribution in 2015 and the first quarter of 2016.
6. On payment of dividends for 2014 and order the payment of dividends in 2015.
7. Election of members of the Supervisory Board, the Audit Committee and approval of the remuneration of members of the supervisory board and audit committee.

Registration of participants is made 19.03.2015g. from 13.00 to 14.30 on presentation of a passport at the meeting venue.
The materials prepared for the meeting can be found at Gomel, ul. The Soviet, 39 (front desk manager) from 03.12.2015, the daily (except holidays) from 8.30 to 17.00.
To register for the meeting participants to have passport.

Beginning of the meeting - March 19, 2015., 14.30, assembly hall.

The list of shareholders to attend the meeting will be made as the register of shareholders on March 16, 2015.